Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude.

 Yellow rose with raindrops from Kelly Johnson's Gratitude


Yellow roses and raindrops bring us joy. I'm so excited yellow roses are in bloom. Yellow roses are often associated with joy, friendship, and new beginnings. Raindrops' crystalline beauty makes us smile. It's no wonder there is a feeling of gratitude after seeing glorious yellow roses blooming. Their vibrant color can bring warmth and happiness to any space. Take the time to appreciate their beauty and perhaps even share them with others to spread the joy they bring.

Rose petals and raindrops Gratitude by Kelly Johnson

The roses in Gratitude debut with extraordinary exquisiteness. They never disappoint; their petals are layered with lusciousness and excite us while caressing our senses. Through Gratitude, you will enjoy the presence of lovely roses and many other flowers and the positive energy they bring to you all year round.

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A tip for today: If you’re looking for joy, you’ll find it in Gratitude.


May 21, 2023 — Kelly Johnson

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