Editing the text for Gratitude

Well, let’s chat about writing, oh my. Writing is not my strong suit! However, I decided I would write from my heart. Gratitude was for my mother. So I thought I'd write the introduction in the fashion of a love letter celebrating my mother, spring, and community. I am a romantic at heart. Writing is about exposing your feelings. Now that’s a hard one for me. I don’t always want to reveal myself in words. Sometimes I rather keep quiet and not be heard at all. I always wanted my photographs to speak for me. People want to see and hear the artist behind the work.

Yes, I am introvert, but I have extrovert moments. There are days when I’m gregarious and outspoken. I made a decision I would write and not be critical of myself and my words. There would be no self-talk. I'd Just write. Once I focused, the words  streamed fluidly. I surprised myself my words were poetic, warm, and energetic. They had flair, whimsy, and style. “Even now, every spring, I hear Mama’s voice play sweetly in my head—a melodic tune. In Mama’s day, her tone and texture were silk softly sidling along satin, refined and graceful.” Now, I just had to keep writing in that style.

"No is an opportunity. Failure is an opportunity. Forgiveness is an opportunity."

After I finished writing the introduction, I had to pair each flower with glorious words of wisdom from my mother's teachings. This was crucial to me because Gratitude really needed her voice of strength and love.

After completing all the text I had to find an editor. I was talking to a graphic artist, and she suggested I contact Reedsy.com. Reedsy allows authors to find and work with the best publishing professionals. That's perfect! The search was on for an editor. Of course, this wasn’t free. I had no worries because the cost was within my budget. I found an editor whose resume had a bit of whimsy and excellent articulation. I wanted him and no one else. I put my bid in immediately. He contacted me, and I smiled with glee. Surprisingly, he enjoyed my writing. He checked for grammar and ensured the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed. This made my heart smile. I am grateful for the writing journey and the knowledge shared with me. Lastly, I wish I had an editor with me all the time.

© 2022 Kelly Johnson

Tune in on August 11, 2020, for part 5.

Till then, go out and photograph something.

Kelly Johnson

August 09, 2022 — Kelly Johnson

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