Editing Photos

I photographed flowers from April – June 2020. I shot a thousand frames of flowers. In July, I was ready to start the editing process. It was daunting and exciting. I had too much to choose from. I was able to narrow it down to 100 images. My husband was with me when I shot all the photos. We decided he would be the photo editor for Gratitude. His attention to detail is uncanny. His thoughts on color, subject, and timing are fundamental.

Every week from July – December 2020, we would edit. It was an incredible journey. The two of us working on art and our beliefs. We had a ball. The photographs jumped off my computer screen with liveliness, tremendous beauty, and power. I was impressed with my work! The intimacy and beauty of flowers were more than I could ask for. Each image told a story of my mother, community, and splendor. I was content that seventy photos would be great in my book and one photo on the front and back covers. I didn’t want Gratitude to be an ordinary photo book; I wanted it to stand out. I wanted vibrant colors, plush black and white, and lovely hand-painted photographs. I wanted Gratitude to be eighty pages. So my audience could inhale its beauty and exhale joy. We completed editing the pictures in late December. We were exhausted but ecstatic. I was ready for the next step, editing the text.

Tune in on August 10, 2020, for part 4.

Till then, go out and photograph something.

Kelly Johnson

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