Award-winning Children’s Book Photographer Kelly Johnson chats about the process of self-publishing her new book Gratitude. A beautiful book for all who love celebrating spring. 



The Making of Gratitude Part 2

Now that I have a title for my new book, Gratitude, I shifted my focus to other processes. I had so many questions. Do I photograph flowers every time I go out of the house? When do I write? How much should I write? How many words are appropriate for a book introduction? How many pages should a photo book be? Who will print it? What are the steps to self-publishing? How much will it cost? Who will design Gratitude? How do I find a graphic artist? Okay, I must write a to-do list. I must start with the basics.

Here is my to-do list:

1. Buy 6x9 notepads to keep my notes organized

2. Buy two SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Cards.

3. Pick the best time to photograph flowers.

4. Pick a time to edit my photographs and stick to that time.

5. Pick out a time to write my Gratitude story on the computer.

6. Have patience, care, and love for myself during tedious processes.


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The Making of Gratitude is a five-part series. Tune in July 31, 2022 for part 2.

Till then go photograph something!

 Kelly Johnson

July 30, 2022 — Kelly Johnson

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