Spring has sprung. Driving home from work, I saw gorgeous tulips all over the neighborhood. The smile on my face made me glow inside. I rushed home and had dinner with my husband. We chit-chatted about our children, us, and the world. We were both exhausted from the work week.  After dinner, I changed my clothes and put on some sweats. I said honey, I must go photograph the tulips in our neighborhood. He smiled. He said to be careful. I gave him a big kissed and rushed out the door.

As I drove down the street, I was so excited. Like the night my husband took me to the prom. I digress. To the left and the right of me, yellow and red tulips stood out. I find tulip dignified and romantic. Tulips can have the most delightful entanglement. You can always find a pair of tulips intertwined like lovers. The tulips postured and posed; they welcomed me in. Then it started to drizzle, and I stood there in my lime green hoodie, holding my camera full of joy. I began to feel the breath of spring blow across my face. My cheeks raised upward, and my smile was buoyant. The sprinkles falling rested upon my nose and tickled me so. I felt blessed to feel the beauty, warmth, and chill of spring.

As cars passed by, the drivers nodded and smiled. I smiled back.The magic of spring will make you do that. People walking by shouted I love tulips! I love the spring colors! I exclaimed, me too! Then I got on the ground to photograph the tulips and had a ball. My glorious moment was seasoned with enchantment. I spent twenty minutes on the ground photographing my dignified and romantic friends, tulips. All of a sudden, I was done. I wondered, who in the heck would help me get up? It used to be so easy. I laughed to myself. I moaned and groaned and got up from the ground somehow and returned home. I told my husband about my stunning moment with the tulips. I said I missed you so. He said really? I said yes, darling. I could have used your help trying to get up off the ground. We laughed. He said, right. He gave me a big hug. We stood in the living room like tulips entangled and grateful.

Life is too short not to enjoy the breath of spring.

All best,

Photo Empress

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