My husband invited me to join him for a spring walk. I gladly accepted. Guess what? Love makes you do crazy things. I hopped out of bed with enthusiasm. I gathered my walking clothes and shoes. It was drizzling a bit. I grabbed my baseball cap to protect myself from the rain and hide my morning hair. As I finished dressing, I took one last look in the mirror. I wanted to look appropriate. Then I reached out and picked up my favorite perfume. I put just a smidgeon behind my right ear. I smiled and said to myself love makes you do crazy things. After thirty-eight years of marriage, I still wanted to be beguiling to him. I rushed out the door, and away we went.

Spring is such a great time to enjoy people. We met new neighbors gardening and shared a moment with them. The neighbors said we see you walking all the time. We grinned. Their smiles reflected their gratitude for spring and new beginnings. Soon after, we came across a gentle white flower surrounded by leaves. The flower and leaves had kisses of raindrops on top of them. The leaves protected their coy beauty while the sun serenaded all with warmth. The softness of the vanilla petals was heavenly; the sternness of the leaves felt loving. You can count on flowers and leaves to deliver strength, passion, and pleasure. A beautiful blossom gets into your soul and creates gorgeous love  pockets that embody you from head to toe. 

My new book just arrived! Elliott Erwitt’ Paris. I will spend the rest of the afternoon reading and looking at stunning black and white photography. I’m going to turn on some soft jazz Johnny Hartman and have a cup of tea and be thankful.


Photo Empress

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