It’s all about fine art today. I was strolling through the park last summer. A shadow, of a female, appeared on a tree. It was creme de la creme. 

I call this image Shadow Goddess.

There is so much to appreciate in this image. The sunset was so perfect it looked as if it had been created on a Hollywood movie set. The deep black shadow was rich and excellent and fused perfectly with a textured and contrasty tree. The background is mysterious; it is like descending into the darkness without a net. The female shadow’s regal shoulders and physical stateliness are exalting. Her limbs are not visible, which adds ambiguity and relevance. My Shadow Goddess is majestic, and her posture has character, strength, and self-esteem. The halo at the tree’s trunk spotlights fragments of grass and dirt, giving the viewer more to explore.


Photo Empress

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