Spring is vivacious. My spirit was high as a kite, enjoying sassy spring in-flight. My husband was so wonderful to go walking with me today. I only walked two blocks because I twisted my ankle yesterday out walking. My husband wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt today, so he watched over me. He told me funny stories to take my mind off my aching ankle as we walked. Spring makes love so lovely.

Sassy spring was playful and bubbly and teased us with vibrant floral colors. The colors of spring were brazen and beautiful. Ooh-wee, we had so much fun. Two blocks of bliss and an occasional kiss. We stopped by my favorite garden to check out the new blooms. The rain-soaked flowers and leaves gave me goosebumps. The blossoms were not shy. Blue, yellow, lavender, and pink made my heart go pitter-patter. The floral charms showed off their colors as if they were on a New York runway. I was in awe as the flowers pranced and sassed.


Photo Empress

April 30, 2022 — Kelly Johnson

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