Kelly Johnson author and photographer of Gratitude
Gratitude Book by author and photographer Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude.

A customer called me today. She had received a copy of my book, Gratitude. She said she put her copy of Gratitude in her kitchen on a bookshelf. She said receiving Gratitude was a blessing and that it was blessing her kitchen every day.   

During the pandemic of 2020, I took a two-mile walk with my husband every day from April to September. On our walk, I photographed flowers, trees, and bees. One day we encountered a shadow that made the street signs of a cross. It was beautiful.

Photo of a sign of a holy cross in Gratitude by Kelly Johnson photographer and author
Receiving gratitude is parallel to receiving a blessing from the universe itself. It is a reflective and humbling experience that touches the deepest parts of our being. When someone expresses gratitude towards us, it is a recognition and acknowledgment of the goodness, kindness, and impact we have had on their lives. It is a gift that transcends material possessions, for it resonates spiritually, nourishing our souls and reminding us of the interconnection of humanity. Gratitude bestows upon us a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and affirmation, affirming that our actions have made a positive difference in the world. As we embrace the blessings of gratitude, we become inspired to continue spreading kindness, love, and compassion, perpetuating a cycle of gratitude that enriches our lives and those around us.

A tip for today: Having Gratitude is a blessing.

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May 21, 2023 — Kelly Johnson

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