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Photography sparks our creative senses, communicates our visual voice, and touches our souls.

After thirty-five years as a professional photographer, I am still inspired by photography. Every day I wake with creative thoughts, which sets my soul on fire.

I love photography, and I’ll tell you why. Since I was a child, I have photographed people specializing in children’s portraiture. Well, lo and behold, the pandemic changed that. Isolation prevented me from photographing people. I started photographing flowers and nature about twenty years ago, just dabbling. In 2020, the pandemic came crashing down like the speed of lightning, with the loudness of a million thunderclaps adjacent to alarming silence and desolations.

I could no longer photograph children. What’s a Photo Empress supposed to do? That’s me! I just now assigned myself that title. Did I mention I have a sense of humor? I’ll redirect back to photography. Photographing flowers full-time sounded exciting and new. My mind started soaring. My heart began to bloom like a flower in springtime. Maybe, I’ll photograph flowers and write a book? Yes, that’s what I’ll do! You can’t keep a good girl down. Excuse me, not girl, Photo Empress. I’ll have to get used to my title. I will tell you more in the upcoming weeks about my flower book debuting in April 2022.

For me, photographing flowers leaves me breathless they are full of personality. Sometimes they are happy and sad. Sometimes, they are arrogant, posing, and posturing. Sometimes they’re queenly and kingly. I can’t go wrong when I’m photographing flowers. I just pick up my camera and start shooting! Everything about flowers is grand. The way flowers absorb light is stunning. Illumination guides my flower photoshoots in the studio or in a lovely garden. You can flip or turn a flower in any direction and get a great shot. Light is the essence of a photoshoot. Learning to see and control light gives a photographer photo power. Right on, right on! Photo power, I like that. Maybe photographers need to wear a superpower cape? Because whatever we are photographing takes guts, creativity, agility, savviness, and courage. Photographers go into unknown environments and make beautiful things happen. A cape is the least people can do for their superheroines and superheroes who create magnificent super moments, sometimes out of chaos, and sometimes the chaos is the magnificent super moment.

Some will see photographers as glamorous; others will see how much work we put into “getting the shot.” I have never found it glamorous, but my goodness, it is exciting, exhilarating. I have been a photographer for three-fourths of my life. I have worked as a studio photographer, medical photographer, children, family portraiture photographer, wedding and contract photographer, greeting and notecard photographer, and photojournalist. I am in awe of photography. It makes people smile and cry. It touches the soul, the mind; it makes us think, feel, and exalt. A single picture can tell a story of love, pain, happiness, and that’s why I love it!

I will share images from every decade of my career as I blog. It has been a beautiful journey. And guess what?  There were frustrations and disappointments too. Frustrations and disappointments taught me success, inspiration, and joy. Photography is the visual voice for all.

All are welcome to make comments or share stories.

Be Nice To All!

Negative comments will not be tolerated. Photography is a happy place. 😊

Let’s have some fun! WORD!

Kelly Johnson



Calla Lily by Photography Kelly Johnson Photo Empress of Flowers




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