Orange Tulip Portrait

Extraordinary, astonishing, and magnificent, I’m writing about tulips. Orange tulips create warmth and happiness and make me jump for joy! When the sun hits them just right, it stimulates my creative genes. I walked around, perusing these orange beauties trying to figure out what angle would be the best to photograph them from. Shall I photograph the inside of a tulip, the pistol, the stigma, the stamen, or the ovary? What about photographing a wilting orange tulip? When they begin to expire, tulips are dignified and elegant; their beauty is enhanced. Their petals take on unrivaled shapes creating art forms.

I decided to photograph a wilting orange tulip. A tulip that looked as if it was going to take flight. It took me back to lying in the grass and watching birds take off when I was a kid. The petals were extended and held high into the air. There was just a bit of yellow interior exposed, adding cheer. The grace, ease, and arrogance of the tulip were well deserved. A proudness accompanied the tulip’s bon voyage. Its stunning body, gentle curves, and vibrant colors were brilliant as it embarked on its departure. The tulip was surrounded by a host of orange tulips and green leaves, providing beauty, support, and reverberating peace and well wishes. As the tulip posed, I took its final portrait. Well done, orange tulip! You gave your admirers so much joy, so many memories, and a wealth of smiles.

Get your cameras out and photograph the beauty of spring.


Photo Empress

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