Spring introduces stunning beauty. Thrilling spring, thrilling blossoms, thrilling colors. As we walked today, each block became more enchanting than before. The spring colors dictated our mood, happiness, contentment, and talkative. Every block, people greeted us with warmth and joy. Spring is a beautiful, flawless love letter that you keep close to your heart.

Dearest Spring, I love you. The way you move when the wind blows makes my heart pound. The wind blows you closer to me, closer to my heart. I felt the breeze of your breath on my neck. Your lips taste like sweet nectar from sugary flowers. Your independent spirit makes me want you more. Your indecisiveness is charming and captivating. It is hard for me to know your temperature the next day. Last week, the snow-covered city made me forfeit my wishes for a warm spring. Today, you were sure of yourself. You made no qualms about who you are. You were an invitation to bliss and charm. Your playful clouds were welcoming, and your dreamy light twinkled my eyes. I am complete when you wrap your sunshine around me. You are my obsession, my glorious obsession.

Dearest Spring, I Love You.

Get your cameras out and photograph spring.


Photo Empress

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