I’m Sorry! Have you ever wanted and needed to say I’m Sorry? Of course, you have. For some, it is easy to say those important words. I have the perfect notecard for others who need a boost. I have created a beautiful notecard titled I’m Sorry – I care about you. 

Don’t let another day go by without telling someone you care for that you are Sorry. I imagine a weight will be lifted. A burden will be released, and your heart will blossom with love, care, and happiness. The person receiving the notecard will be filled gratitude. My boxed cards, I’m Sorry, a showpiece indeed. Frame it. Display it. Embrace it. Share it with someone you care about. I’m Sorry is on Sale Now! 


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"I’m Sorry. There is strength and character in an apology" an excerpt from my new book Gratitude.

November 26, 2022 — Kelly Johnson

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