Kelly Johnson author and photographer of Gratitude Kelly Johnson is the author and photographer of Gratitude
Two girls laughing in a tulip field

Happiness is indeed often considered the pinnacle of well-being, and gratitude plays a significant role in fostering and sustaining that happiness. Gratitude involves recognizing and appreciating the positive aspects of our lives, whether big or small, and acknowledging the contributions of others towards our well-being. It shifts our focus from what may be lacking to what we have, fostering a sense of contentment and fulfillment.

By practicing gratitude, we become more attuned to the present moment and the abundance around us, cultivating a positive outlook and enhancing our overall well-being. Gratitude also deepens our connections with others, as expressing appreciation fosters positive relationships and encourages a cycle of kindness and generosity. 

Ultimately, by embracing gratitude, we can experience greater happiness and contribute to a more positive and harmonious existence.

A tip for well-being: Embrace gratitude and laugh and smile as much as you can.

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The text on my blog, Happiness is the pinnacle of Well-being, is not in my book Gratitude. It explores the quote Happiness is the pinnacle of Well-being in Gratitude. The quote is adjacent to the girls laughing in the tulip field.


May 20, 2023 — Kelly Johnson

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